General Information:
Length of Service: 3Months ( I presume thismeans how long th service has been active for ?)

Support Offered: Closed Facebook Group, Members Only Whatsapp Group 1 to1 Facebook Messenger setup & support

Service Url:

Number of Tv Channels: +3200

Number of VOD: +6500

VPN Required?: No

Devices Acceptable: Firestick/box,Android,iOS,PC.

More Information: Custom Branded App for both IPTV & VOD

VOD optional for an extra £15 for 12 months


Prices:     1 Month: £15
3 Months: £25
6 Months: £35
1 Year: £50

Multiroom connections available , £10 each , IP address locked.


Our Review:

After using the app for the 12 hour Trial we had, we have come to a conclusion with what we think.

Downloading the app was easy using a code for FIREDL and then just installing, the part which we struggled with was entering a username and password as the quality of the image which had our username and password was not very clear.
We go given two separate accounts one for IPTV and one for the VOD which was a little annoying when having to put username and passwords in twice, that being said we thought it was good as then your IPTV and VOD are kept seperate.

Our overall experience was good we done a ten minute test where we went on as many channels as possible to see if they work and we have nothing to report which wasn’t working.